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The Original Sports Boat

The Flying Fifteen is described as 'the original sportsboat' although unlike today's modern sportsboats, it does not feature hydro foils, bowsprits, asymmetric kites or carbon rigs. However the class continues to flourish with good fleet numbers around the world racing every weekend and most importantly, enjoying club sailing!

Either in the harbour or in the open sea, the fifteens are looking forward to hosting the World Championships in 2027.


Sailing Calendar





Back on the water looking forward to an uninterrupted 2022/23 season - our sailing calendar and links for signing on can be found here.

The fifteen fleet is a welcoming and inclusive fleet with a broad spectrum of sailors - latest news (including boats available for sale!) here.

Regular training and coaching events to be held throughout the year.

Upcoming events:

Interested? Get in touch!

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